Tip Calculator - with bill splitter

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Tip Calculator is the only tip calculator that not only calculates a tip but has an exclusive and original Bill Split feature. Pay the right amount every single time and have fun doing it. Impress your friends with the best iPhone tip calculator around.

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- Top 100 Overall US - January 2009
- #1 Finance App US - March 2009
- 100,000 Users - Sept 2009

The app features a one of a kind adjustment screen making it easy and intuitive to calculate your bill every time. Not only that but it includes the following features:
- Large number pad
- Split the bill between diners 
- Attractive design
- Support for international currencies
- Rounding options
- Tax on tip options
- Satisfaction guaranteed

Did you know:
The adjustment screen is unique to our app. It allows you to split the bill any way you want. This is a unique feature. You wont find this feature in tipulator, itip or any other tip calculator! 
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Satisfaction guaranteed.